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Send logs to AWS CloudWatch from Aiven web console

Send your Aiven service logs to the AWS CloudWatch using the Aiven web console.


  • An AWS account, and which region it is in.
  • An Aiven account with a service running.
  • An AWS Access Key and Secret Key. Generate the credentials by visiting IAM dashboard then click Users, open the Security credentials tab, and choose Create access key. Click Download and keep them for a later instruction.

Configure the integration

Start by configuring the link between the Aiven service and the AWS CloudWatch. This setup only needs to be done once.

  1. Select Integration endpoints in the Aiven Console, then choose AWS CloudWatch Logs.
  2. Select Add new endpoint or Create new.
  3. Configure the settings for the new endpoint:
    • Endpoint name is how you will refer to this logs integration when linking it to other Aiven services.
    • Your AWS credentials: Access Key and Secret Key.
    • Your AWS account Region.
    • Log Group Name where your logs streams can be grouped in a group on AWS CloudWatch. If this field is not provided, it will be generated for you.
  4. Select Create to save this endpoint.

Send logs from an Aiven service to AWS CloudWatch

  1. In your service, select Integrations and choose the Amazon CloudWatch Logs option.
  2. Pick the endpoint by the Endpoint name you created earlier and choose Enable.
  3. Visit your AWS account and look under CloudWatch and explore the Logs section to see the data flowing within a few minutes.

Learn more about Amazon CloudWatch and Aiven.