Introducing Aiven Elasticsearch 6 and new, bigger plans

To celebrate the release of Elasticsearch 6, we increased storage for current plans and added plans with even more nodes. Learn the specifics here.

22 January 2018
Hannu ValtonenVP Product at Aiven

We are excited to announce that Elasticsearch 6 is now available at Aiven!

Not only that, but we've drastically increased the disk sizes of our plans and added additional plans with even more nodes.

But, before we get into the larger plans, let's look at the benefits that Elasticsearch 6 will bring to users.

Elasticsearch 6

Faster recovery times

In Elasticsearch 6.0, the concept of sequence IDs has been introduced, allowing for operations based recovery.

Previously, Elasticsearch shards had to be compared against the primary with all the different segments transferred again to the restarted node on restart.

Now, Elasticsearch can just replay the operations from the log that happened between the restart which provides for much improved recovery times.

Much smaller index sizes

1. Sparse fields are now stored much more efficiently

If only some of your documents had a field defined in them, all of the documents stored in Elasticsearch indexes had to pay a price for those fields.

Elasticsearch 6's new Lucene index version has optimized this away, resulting in exceptionally large space savings for sparse indexes.

2. Removal of the _all doc field variable

Previously, all the values in an Elasticsearch document were duplicated into an _all variable within the index entry for easier searching.

Elasticsearch 6.0 removes that duplication which results in large index size decreases, further improving performance.

3. Faster queries with index sorting

If all of your queries are using a certain index sorting, you can now define it so the actual sorting is done at index creation time, resulting in large query time optimizations during runtime.

How to simply upgrade to Elasticsearch 6.0

Existing users can now update to this version at will by simply clicking on the Upgrade button within the Aiven Elasticsearch services dashboard page.

Please note: if you have unapplied maintenance updates, you will have to apply them before you can upgrade to Elasticsearch 6.

Elasticsearch disk storage size improvements

Based on your feedback, we've considerably increased the plan sizes. Additionally, we've introduced 7 node Premium-7x- plans as a regular offering

We've also renamed our Elasticsearch Premium plans to be in-line with our plan naming for Kafka: the previous Premium plans have now been renamed to Premium-5x-*.

Plan Previous storage Improved storage
Startup-4 32 GB 80 GB
Startup-8 64 GB 175 GB
Startup-16 128 GB 300 GB
Startup-32 256 GB 700 GB
Business-4 96 GB 240 GB‡
Business-8 192 GB 525 GB‡
Business-16 384 GB 1050 GB ‡
Business-32 768 GB 2100 GB‡
Premium-5x-8 160 GB 875 GB‡
Premium-5x-16 640 GB 1750 GB ‡
Premium-5x-32 1280 GB 3500 GB‡

‡ Total storage size is the combined storage size available in the plan. Usable disk space depends on the replication factor being used.

New plans with more nodes:

Plan Storage
Premium-7x-8 1125 GB‡
Premium-7x-16 2450 GB‡
Premium-7x-32 4900 GB‡

‡ Total storage size is the combined storage size available in the plan. Usable disk space depends on the replication factor being used.

If you need plans even bigger than this, we can create larger custom plans on request. Feel free to contact sales if you'd like to buy a custom plan.

Start or upgrade to Elasticsearch 6.0 today 

Aiven clients can now experience the benefits of Elasticsearch 6.0 with larger plan offerings. If you are a current client, simply upgrade your plan by clicking the button within your console.

If you aren't, sign up today and test us out with $10 of free credits. Trying Aiven is always free and comes with no commitments.


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